Joe...what are you doing?

Created by Monica Carlyle on Fri Jul 14 2023

President Joe Biden's eyebrow-raising behavior reached a new level during his five-day trip to Europe this week, as he appeared to bite the back of a young girl while attending a summit on NATO membership in Finland. The strange moment sparked shock and outrage among conservatives and even prompted Donald Trump Jr. to comment, as it was yet another misstep during what some have deemed an increasingly concerning pattern of gaffes from the President.

Footage of the incident quickly spread across Twitter, with conservatives like Caleb Hull and Greg Price speaking out against what they referred to as Biden's "creepiest moment yet with a child." Political comedian Tim Young decried it as "peak, disgusting pedo behavior," while Donald Trump Jr. simply remarked that Biden should be in a nursing home and not leading the free world.

The incident further highlighted concerns many have had regarding Biden's past pattern of public speaking gaffes, such as confusing Russia and Ukraine, and their respective leaders in Vilnius, Lithuania. Additionally, in what may have been the biggest blunder of all, Biden told reporters Putin was "clearly losing the war in Iraq," when in fact, Russia is not involved in the Iraq conflict.

While it remains unclear why Biden would choose such an intimate and inappropriate gesture while in Finland, it is clear that many are beginning to feel increasingly uneasy with his increasing lapses in judgement. Whether or not these errors will continue to plague his presidency is yet to be seen.

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