Video of Utah FBI Raid Surfaces

Created by Monica Carlyle on Thu Aug 10 2023

Residents of Provo, Utah were shocked to hear of the FBI raid on the home of Craig Robertson on Wednesday, a 74-year-old woodworker accused of threatening President Biden and other high-profile Democrats. A law enforcement source told Fox News Digital that Robertson had been armed with the weapon mentioned in his ominous Facebook post, which included a reference to a ghillie suit and a M24 sniper rifle. Jon Michael Ossola, a neighbor, recalled being woken up by the sound of a SWAT team and then hearing shouting and then, ultimately, gunshots. After a half-hour, the medical team declared Robertson dead and covered his body before transporting it away. Travis Clark, a close friend of Robertson, described him as cantankerous, but not mentally unstable or a danger, saying that he was just leaning into an online persona. According to court documents, Robertson had also made threats against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Attorney General Merrick Garland, as well as members of the FBI. The incident has been acknowledged by the U.S. Secret Service, with further questions deferred to the FBI and Department of Justice. Investigations into the shooting are still ongoing.

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